"SPSS Writer" is a Java class library for generating SPSS files (*.sav).

The classes are small, fast, easy to use and can be integrated into your projects, and are completely written in pure Java. It allows users to easily develop and deploy sophisticated reports across any platform. SPSS Writer is a library that allows you to generate SPSS files on the fly.

1. Developer license $100/year
Developer license grants you the right to use the library on a single computer (1 CPU).
2. Educational license $500/year
An educational license is a multi-user license to a university, school, department, or instructor to allow students to use the Education version. The Education version is for use only by instructors and students in a specific university, school, or department covered by the license. It cannot be used in commercial purpuses.
3. Server license $400/year
Server license grants you unlimited rights to use SPSS Writer library on one server machine (means a single hardware computer identified by a single IP/DNS address).
4. OEM License $2000/year
An OEM license allows you to integrate a SPSS Writer library into your own application, which you distribute to third parties.
All options include Support and Maintenance at no additional cost. Support includes email technical support to answer your questions. Maintenance means that you will receive each and every SPSS Writer release as it becomes available.

Any questions are welcome to spss@pmstation.com

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