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Java SPSS library Overview

"SPSS Reader" is a Java class library for reading SPSS files (*.sav).

The classes are small, fast, easy to use and can be integrated into your projects, and are completely written in pure Java. It allows users to easily read sophisticated reports across any platform. SPSS Reader is a library that allows you to read SPSS files on the fly.

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  • allows to use all the main SPSS variable types
  • supports data compression
  • highly optimized for speed
  • minimal memory usage
  • support of missing values to variable
  • supported long variable names
  • supports reading of value labels for data

Supported variable types

  • COMMA;
  • DOT;
  • DATE (different formats).

Technical Requirements

In order to be able to use these classes you should be familiar with Java™ programming.
The Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.2 (or any later version) from Sun Microsystems Incorporated.
SPSS Reader is able to read data that was generated by SPSS version 10.0 and above (including SPSS v14.0).


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About SPSS

SPSS is a modular, tightly integrated, full-featured product line for the analytical process — planning, data collecting, data access, data management and preparation, analysis, reporting and deployment. Using SPSS with a combination of add-on modules and stand-alone software that work seamlessly with the base product enhances the capabilities of SPSS. The intuitive interface makes it easy to use — yet it gives you all of the data management, statistics and reporting methods you need to do even your toughest analysis.

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SPSS, Copyright (c) 1989-2008, SPSS Inc.

How to purchase

Any questions are welcome to spss@pmstation.com.


SPSS Reader, Copyright (c) 2003-2021, pmStation.com