Package com.pmstation.spss.record

Provides dictionary record classes.


Class Summary
AdditionalRecord Superclass for all type 7 dictionary records.
DatasetAttributesRecord Holds information about dataset attributes as unparsed string
DocumentsRecord Contains in-file spss documents
ExtendedNamesRecord Contains substitutions from old-style variable names to new one.
ExtendedStringsRecord Contains Hashtable with extended stings lengthes.
FinalRecord The Class FinalRecord.
GeneralInformationRecord Contains starting spss record information.
MultiResponseRecord Contains information about multiresponse groups defined in spss file
NumberOfCasesRecord Contains number of cases when there are more then can be hold in 32bit integer
SpecificFloatInfoRecord Contains info about system missing, highest and lowest values
SpecificInfoRecord Contains info about spss release, compression scheme and so on.
SPSSRecord Superclass for spss dictionary records
ValueLabelRecord Contains value labels in form of Hashtable.
ValueLabelsIndexRecord Contains index of variables to which corresponding value labels are applicable.
VariableAttributesRecord Contains unparsed variable attributes conforming to 7.18 record type description
VariableParam Variable parameters^ measurement level, column width, alignment
VariableParamsRecord Contains variable parameters for all variables
VariableRecord Represents dictionary type 2 record.
VariableSetsRecord Contains variable sets

Package com.pmstation.spss.record Description

Provides dictionary record classes.

Dictionary record classes directly maps to spss dictionary records, only minor parsing issued.

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